The Environmental Health Foundation (EHF) envisages the creation of a tropical oasis in Kingston on completion of the redevelopment of Eden Gardens. Users of the redeveloped Eden Gardens will enjoy a bundle of exquisitely tailored and packaged wellness and lifestyle products and services much to their delight. 

Eden Gardens is a three (3) level property with defined functional areas for medical services; wellness promoting activities, a gym, yoga space, salons; teas and tea-house, tea garden, meeting rooms, health restaurant and juice bar. There are meeting rooms for hosting events, corporate functions, dinners and weddings and the spa, and accommodations and rooftop spaces for events including the gardens. 

The redeveloped property will host herbal health and beauty stores, provide healthy and quality dining and entertainment facilities, fine accommodation and relaxation, tea house, spa, provision of alternative medical services, fitness facilities, anti-aging therapy, detoxification and de-stress therapy facilities, literature and conference facilities for executive development. As well as a book store that provides a wide range of literature on alternative medicines and cuisine, wedding planning and execution all available in one location. When completed, users of the facility will have the opportunity to become members of the "Eden Garden's (Wellness & Lifestyle) Fraternity" and thereby enjoy attractive discounts from product and service providers at the facility. Moreover, the redeveloped property will not only become a major location for fine living, but a notable tourist attraction in Kingston.