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After all the hard work and dedication that you have given to the building of the nation, we reward you with huge savings this Teachers' Day. Our restaurants have created a special menu just for you to enjoy. Just call to make the reservations  After providing a school ID, we are awarding discounts and packages for teachers around the property. 

At the Restaurants

Tulips Lunch Special (12pm- 3pm)  $2,000 + service charge and gct

Please call to make your reservations if the group is more than 4 persons- 946-9981/946-9977/618-2014

Choose one of the following 

Five Spice Chicken


Crab Ravioli (Spicy)


Callaloo and Plantain Lasagna


Black Orchid Dinner (6-10pm)  $3,500 + service charge and gct

Includes your choice of one appetizer, one main course and one dessert

 Please call to make your reservations- 946-9981/946-9977/618-2014



Herb Breaded Chicken


Plantain Crusted Fish Tenders




Pot Roast Beef


Jerk Chicken Fontina


Spicy Grilled Fish



Herb Rice

Green Plantain

Fresh Vegetables

Mashed Potato



Potato Pudding

Strawberry Cheesecake


Any group of teachers (4+) that are utilizing the property is awarded 10% off at the restaurant as well as 25% off on a day use room (which gives you free access to the property, the pool, the sauna and the gym for 6 hours)