Kamala McWhinney

A lanky, fashion-loving teenager started high school in 1994. Along with her beautiful penmanship, there soon appeared many fashion sketches in her notebooks; and when faced with exam questions she could not answer, there appeared   fashion sketches on her answer sheets as well. Years later Kamala confidently declared to her cousin: “I will start a fashion line and it will be called White Lotus Designs.”

Carla Dunbar Ministries and Counselling Care

Rev. Carla Dunbar, CEO of Carla Dunbar Ministries and Counselling Care

Services: Marriage and Family Counselling, Marriage Officiant, Motivational Speaker & Sex Therapist.

Helen G Events

Helen G Party Rentals & Decor believes it is all in the details. The right flowers and decor choices can make all the difference at a next event!

A florist with a difference, head florist and designer Helen Graham has been trained by celebrity floral designer Michael Gaffney of the New York School of Flower Design. Thus at Helen G all events are designed, prepared and created with a high level of expertise and creativity. The aim is to create memorable special events that surpass all client's expectations.