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Kamala McWhinney

A lanky, fashion-loving teenager started high school in 1994. Along with her beautiful penmanship, there soon appeared many fashion sketches in her notebooks; and when faced with exam questions she could not answer, there appeared   fashion sketches on her answer sheets as well. Years later Kamala confidently declared to her cousin: “I will start a fashion line and it will be called White Lotus Designs.”

Her cousin, Shavon, believed her and is now her business partner.

Bitten by the DIY (Do-it-yourself) creative bug in 2010 Kamala started handcrafting hair accessories in her Montego Bay apartment. The satisfaction she felt after completing her very first project (a hair clip made from a plastic flower) fuelled what would become a journey to unearthing a latent talent. Using social media, Kamala shared her creations with her

friends and before long White Lotus Designs was born. Kamala’s first name

is Hindu for “lotus” and the symbolism of the Lotus flower (femininity,

purity, wealth and wisdom) made it an easy choice for the name of the


Before long Kamala’s unique handmade items were in demand and she got

her first taste of entrepreneurship at age 27.  As an answer to prayers, Kamala was selected to receive training at the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship, Caribbean. While there, the power of networking resulted in White Lotus acquiring its first commercial space and the White Lotus Bridal Boutique & Design House took off.

Kamala, a Clinical Psychologist, is passionate about women’s issues and uses her brand to empower women. She has crafted a program dubbed “Lotus blooms” which will feature seminars, videos and blogs highlighting various issues affecting women across the lifespan. This series launched its first campaign in October 2014 in collaboration with Kingston Bridal Week, leading with Kamala’s story of her battle with breast cancer at age 30. Fuelled by her victory over breast cancer, Kamala and her cousin/business partner Shavon set their sights on a Flagship Boutique in the thriving metropolis of Montego Bay. This became a reality when they opened the doors on April 10, 2015!

Lotus Blooms is crafting its next campaign which will primarily empower the girls and staff of a Montego Bay-based Girls’ Home through sponsorship as well as psycho-social interventions.

When she is not busy working with feathers and fabric, offering therapy or modelling her own designs, Kamala enjoys lazy days on the beach, cuddling up with good books and enjoying hearty laughs with friends. Her insatiable desire for learning new things is now expressed in learning the art of photography. Let’s see what the next adventure will be on this, the exciting journey of the Lotus.

Kamala may be reached by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by cell at 876-298-6142 or 876-457-1486 or 876-830-0950.